Standard collection G305 kit instructions

These instructions are for all STANDARD Logitech G304/G305 based mods.


You can find G304/G305 disassembly instructions here.




Parts required
Top shell, bottom shell, 2x clips, magnetic adapter, AAA USB battery, mouse feet, redrill screwholes if needed: Bottom 4 screw holes are 1.8mm, all other ones are 1.3mm.


 Tools required
Small screwdriver: Known as Phillips screwdriver


Hot swap PCB

The recent MOD-KITs came with the hot swap PCBs. Simply push the Kailh 4.0 in the PCBs in the correct orientation. [ Depending on the version and production quality of the G305 PCB, the tubes of the hot-swap PCBs might not fit through the G305 PCB very well. Filing the holes or using the screwdriver to increase their diameter or using a decent amount of force might be needed. ]

Screw types
From left to right: Bottom screws, side button screw, mid screws, switch screws
(Save the small screws for the end!)


[1] Add on/off switch

Pay attention to the orientation!


[2] Add PCB and fasten

Stop tightening them once the screw heads touch the PCB. They cut their own thread and we don't wanna destroy it by over-tightening the screws!


[3] Add mouse wheel

Insert the mouse wheel in the encoder and add the small spring. Make sure the small spring sits in the small grooves


[4] Add side buttons their slot. All the way! 


[5] Fasten the side buttons
Take care not to over-tighten the screws!


[6] Bend side buttons inwards
Give them a bit of curvature


[7] Add sidebutton PCB and plate screw
Since we bent the side buttons, they should already activate the side button switches. By bending them outwards gently we can have them in a position without any gap. When you don't have a gap, add the side button screw.


[8] Add mid screws to the clips
Fastening them all the way is the way to go


 Add a mid sized screw in each mouse button. Screw them all the way in. If you want more Post-travel later, you can extend them.


[9] Add the clips to the PCB
Make sure the holes are properly aligned. It's possible that the gap in the clip still has left-over powder from the print.


[10] Add micro switches 
Fasten the switches to the clips using 4 mid sized screws


[11] Connect the switches to the PCB
Pay attention to the orientation of the pins



If you have a P-SL SQ, MQ or LQ , P-GP LQ button cell MOD-KIT please continue following instructions here.
[12] Add small battery spring - red cable
[13] Add large battery spring - black cable


[14] Add battery
Pay attention to the battery's orientation!

[15] Add magnetic adapter with the cable
You will need more force than you think. Check if the battery is charging before you continue.


[16] Connect the battery

Plug in battery cable, pay attention to it's orientation!


[17] Add the screws
Add large screws at the bottom (or on the sides with newer versions)


Two large screws in the front


3 or 4 Small screws on the places marked in the picture (switch screws)
[18] Add mouse feet
Add mouse feet to your mouse as shown in the picture
[19] Download 
 Download Link to Onboard Memory Managment from the official Logitech Support site. Make sure to set the report rate to 1000. If you encounter issues with this software, try this one instead.


Check out further instructions here.

For calibration instructions, click here.


Enjoy gaming.



If there are any questions feel free to contact us.