P-SL S, M & L Mod kit instructions

These instructions are for P-SL S, M & L  MOD-KIT mice.




[1] Pick the right screw
Take one of the mid-sized screws


[2] Fasten the screw inside the holder
It will later lock the spring in place


[3] Screw it all the way in!


[4] Add the larger spring (black cable)
Try squeezing it together to fit it through the gap.


[5] Add the smaller spring (red cable)
Pay attention to it's correct orientation.


[6] Loosen the screw


The head will push against the spring and fixate it.


[7] Calibrate
Test the holder with a A675 battery and calibrate it by loosening/fastening the screw. You should not be able to pull out the spring by pulling on the red cable.



Now that you're done, please continue following further instructions from step 16 here.





Video on how to change Starlight's battery here.


Enjoy gaming.



If there are any questions feel free to contact us.