Needed tools
Xacto knife, cable cutter and Phillips screwdriver (PH00)


 [1] Remove USB dongle
Slide off the battery cover to reach it


 [2] Remove the 4 larger feet
An Xacto knife is ideal for that. Get every layer of the feet!


[3] Unscrew the 4 large screws


[4] Open the mouse
Start from the front and gently (!) open the mouse. Be careful to not damage the cables.


[5] Release both plugs

Pull on the white plugs, not the cables!


[6] Remove mid sized screws
Remove all 4 mid screws as well as the side button screw with the plate


[7] Take out the PCB
Pay attention to the small scrollwheel spring


[8] Remove side buttons
Unscrew the two mid sized screws. Push the sidebuttons inwards to release them.


[9] Cut
To release the cables, it helps to cut as shown in the picture


[10] Release the cables
Cut them free instead of simply pulling on them


[11] Cut the second glue point
Make sure to not damage the cables


[12] Release the cables
[13] Unscrew the 3 battery holder screws


 [14]  Remove the battery holder


 [15] Take out the battery cable
In order to do so, first remove the transluscent pin


[16] Unscrew the 4 mouse button screws


[17] Bend the mouse buttons up
You won't need them. No need to be careful!


[18] Take out the mouse buttons

A twisting motion helps


[19] Remove plastic pins


[20] Unscrew switch screws
Unscrew the small screws which hold the micro switches


[21] Remove the micro switches
Using the screwdriver as a lever helps releasing them


[22] Remove micro switch cables


[23] All needed parts
You can (responsibly) dispose the other parts


[24] Contact support
Let us know if problems appear and we will assist you.