How to charge your mouse:
Plug the USB charging cable either in your PC or in a different power source and then connect it via the magnet. The battery LED blinking shows that it's charging. Once the green battery LED stops blinking, its fully charged. Charging takes about 3 hours and will last about 50h. The battery level indicator in Logitech's software does not work with this battery.
Green battery LED


 How to insert the USB Dongle:
Insert the USB dongle in an available USB slot in your PC.
USB dongle



 Software Installation:
Download Link to Onboard Memory Managment from the official Logitech Support site. Make sure to set the report rate to 1000.



How to turn on the mouse:
Sliding the switch to the side so that the blue area is visible, turns the mouse on. The blue LED indicates that.
*On mods based on the Logitech G603, make sure to slide the on/off switch not in the middle position but completely in the corner to be able to achieve a polling rate of 1000Hz.

Mouse switch



 How to apply the grip tape:
Remove the thin film from the grip tape and apply each on the correct side. (One has a cut-out for the side buttons)

Grip tape

Grip tape applied



 If you experience pretravel on any of the buttons, please get in contact with us here and we will guide you through a re-calibration.




Meaning of the LEDs:
The blue LED of the PCB indicates that the mouse has turned on or woke up from sleep mode. The mouse will switch into sleep mode within 5s of inactivity.
Blue LED


If you have a M1K Wireless,M1K-W or CYBER, make sure that M4 (front side button) is bound to LMB and M5 (back side button) is bound to RMB.
In case you have a newer design version, follow this link to calibrate your mouse buttons: