G305 kit instructions v2.0

These instructions are for all Logitech G305 based mods.


You can find video instructions here.


[1] Parts required 1/2
Top shell, bottom shell, 2x clips, AAA USB battery, zip tie, mouse feet, redrill screwholes if needed: Bottom 4 screw holes are 1.8mm, all other ones are 1.3mm.

[2] Parts required 2/2

G305 electronics including screws (Disassembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnjzewHyjr8)


[3] Tools required
Small screwdriver, cable cutter, hair dryer


[4] Screw types
From left to right: switch screws, PCB screws, side button screw, bottom screws


[5] Add on/off switch

Pay attention to the orientation!


[6] Add mouse wheel

Insert the mouse wheel in the encoder and add the small spring


[7] Add PCB screws to the clips

Fastening them all the way is the way to go


[8] Add the clips to the PCB
Make sure the holes are properly aligned


[9] Place the PCB on the shell
Make sure the small spring sits in the small grooves


[10] Check the on/off switch position
Make sure the on/off switch can be moved in both directions and the PCB is touching the bottom shell


[11] Add the 5 PCB screws
Stop tightening them once the screw heads touch the PCB. They cut their own thread and we don't wanna destroy it by over-tightening the screws!


[12] Bend the side buttons
Give them a bit of curvature


[13] Insert the side buttons..
..in their slot. All the way!


[14] Add side button screws
You can bend the side buttons towards the PCB again.


[15] Add the side button PCB
Since we bent the side buttons, they should already activate the side button switches. By bending them outwards gently we can have them in a .position without any gap. When you don't have a gap, add the side button screw.


(G303: Cut the left switch PCB)
If you are doing the G303 Wireless mod, you need to cut the left micro switch PCB along the black lines using the wire cutter


[16] Fasten the switches to the clips
Fasten the switches to the clips using 4 PCB screws.
[17] Connect the switches to the PCB
Pay attention to the orientation of the pins. (Marked green and red)


[18] Add the springs and battery
Add the springs as shown in the picture and pay attention to the battery's orientation. 


[19] Check the mouse button height
 The calibration later works best if the mouse button is located slightly higher than the mouse sides.


[20] Bend the buttons up
If the mouse buttons sit too low, gently heat up the area marked red with a hair dryer and bend the mouse buttons up.


[21] Add the magnetic adapter

If you have a magnetic adapter, add it now. You can get these on amazon. Search for: micro USB magnetic adapter


[22] Connect the battery
Pay attention to it's orientation


[23] Pair both shells
Start in the front. The two holed pins of the top shell in the front need to go under the PCB.


[24] Add bottom screws
Once you sucessfully paired both shells (a bit of bending might be required), add the four bottom screws and calibrate the mouse buttons.
[25] Add 3 bottom screws
Add 3 of the smallest screws (switch screws) on the bottom for additional stability.
[26] Calibration screw
You want to screw this screw in and out to achieve your desired click sensitivity.


[27] Add mouse feet
As last step, add your mouse feet. We recommend Hyperglides (G1) or Corepads (G305).


[28] Download 
Download Onboard Memory Manager and set Report Rate to 1000 for the best experience.



Enjoy gaming.



If there are any questions feel free to contact us.