Which software do the mice work with?
Logitech onboard memory manager.

What switches do you use on your mice?
We use Kailh Red GM 4.0 switches.

Can you make me a custom mouse that's not in the store?
Yes, we will make one mouse per month as for now, you can suggest a price you are willing to pay for the mouse and give us detailed instructions here.
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My blue mouse LED turns on but the Logitech software doesn't recognize the mouse and the cursor is not moving. What should I do?
Try re-pairing the mouse with the dongle using "Logitech Onboard Memory Manager".
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What kind of mouse feet do I get on my mouse?
We use 100% PTFE feet with rounded edges.

Can I use any mouse feet on your mice?
Yes you can as long as they are not thicker than 0.8mm.

How long does shipping take?
On average Mod kits take 3 weeks anywhere worldwide and pre-builts 2 weeks worldwide, one week EU and 2 days within Germany.

How does charging work?
The mouse is chargeable via Micro USB cable, your mouse is fully charged when the green LED stops blinking. One charge lasts about 100h.

How do you make your mice?
We 3D print the shell, use the G304/G305 or G603 electronics and a micro USB rechargeable AAA battery.

If the mouse breaks, do I get a replacement?
We usually send out either replacement parts or mice, depending on the issue. In case you have an issue with our mice, please contact us here.

Your mice are wireless, does that mean that they have a delay?
Our mice have almost no delay thanks to the electronics we use - Logitech's Lightspeed technology.

Do the shapes have the same dimensions as the original ones?
We try to replicate them the best we can! All shapes are based on 3D scans.

What is the difference between mod kits and complete mods?
Our mod kits come unassembled and without electronics. Complete mods come fully assembled and ready to go! More details: About page

Do I get the instructions available for the mod kits?
Yes, there are detailed step-by-step instructions coming with each mod kit that you order. G304/G305 MOD-KIT or G603 MOD-KIT
I experience stuttering / temporary disconnecting while using my PMM mouse.
What should I do?
We advice removing all other wireless dongles from your PC as a solution to this issue. If the problem continues to occur, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I don't have a screwdriver, which one do I need?

The screwdriver we recommend getting is a small cross Phillips screwdriver, often used to operate with smartphones as well.

The mouse I want is sold out, when will it be back in stock?
We restock regularly, to get notified about your mouse being available in stock again, check out this.

Why did you stop selling the design files?

After providing the design files for several months, multiple people used this to resell the files and printed shells. Allowing this to happen again would ruin this project in the long run. Our solution is that it's possible to only buy the shells.  Check Mod kits here.

What's your return policy?

We accept returns that get shipped back within the first two weeks after arrival if the product is in a condition that makes it possible to resell it.