Viper V2 PRO kit instructions

 Needed tools
Xacto knife, small cross screwdriver, Torx T6 screwdriver



[1] Remove the mouse feet to get to the screws



[3] Unscrew them using the Torx T6 screwdriver



[4] Split the bottom and top shell. No need to be careful.



[5] Remove the 2 screws in the top shell



[6] Reposition the battery like shown in the picture. Remove the white sticker to achieve better adhesion.



[7] Remove the PCB screws



[8] Bend the hook to the side which is holding the PCB down.



[9] Remove the PCB



[10] Add the PCB to the bottom shell. It won't go down immediately.



[11] Carefully move the scrollwheel holder to the side to allow the PCB to slide down. This can take a moment.



[12] Fasten the PCB using 3 screws. One screw will be left over.



[13] Add the scrollwheel by slightly bending the encoder to the side.



[14] Add the side button PCB. The two hooks have to be above the PCB.

 It is possible that there is left-over powder in the whole for the side button PCB. Remove it with something pointy [Green arrow]



[15] Add the 4 torx screws at the sides.

  It is possible that a mouse button is constantly activated. The solution is to slightly sand the hook of the top shell.



[16] Add the mouse feet.



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