P-SL SF Instructions

These instructions are for a P-SL SF MOD-KIT.
You can find G304/G305 disassembly instructions here.
Get the 1.5V magnetic kit at our partners website: https://enncoo.com/




Needed tools




Needed parts


G304/G305 disassembly

[1] Add power switch



Pay attention to the orientation.



[2] Add mid sized screws to Clips


 [3] Add Clips to OPCB




 [4] Add Switches to HOT-SWAP PCBs


[5] Add HOT SWAP to Clips



A bit of force is required to push the tubes through the PCB holes. Pliars can help here.



[6] Assemble ENNCOO kit


[7] Add ENNCOO Kit



Peel off the film and fasten the battery on the PCB.



[8] Second angle


 [9] Add the PCB to the bottom shell
Let the charging port cable run under the PCB-




 [10] Add mid sized screws to PCB


[11] Add sidebutton screws





[12] Bend sidebuttons inwards


That way we can bend them outwards later preventing any pretravel. 

[13] Insert Sidebutton PCB



Bend the side buttons outwards and let them spring back. If they dont have pretavel, add the plate screw.



[14] Add the top shell


A bit of bending might be required

 [15] Check the front
Check if the magnetic port sits in it's slot.




 [16] Add the 4 large screws at the side


[17] Add the 4 small screws at the bottom





[18a] Check power

 Turn the mouse on. The blue LED indicates it has power.

[18b] Check charging



If it doesn't turn on, check if you can charge it. The orange LED indicates charging.



[19] Add mouse feet

If you are happy with everything add the mouse feet. 

 [20] Calibrate pretravel
Check the calibration instructions here.




 [21] Download  Onboard Memory Manager

 Download Link to Onboard Memory Managment from the official Logitech Support site. Make sure to set the report rate to 1000. If you encounter issues with this software, try this one instead.