P-CBR instructions

These instructions are for the P-CBR MOD-KIT.

 You can find OROCHI disassembly instructions here



[1a] Needed parts

After the disassembly, these are the only parts that you need. You won't need the torx screws! 



[1b] Needed parts - Screws


Screw types from left to right: Dome screw, short screws, long screws


[2] Needed Tools

You need a Phillips screwdriver (PH00).


[3] Add a power switch

Pay attention to it's orientation!


[4] Add the lens

Again, pay attention to the orientation.


[5] Add the PCB

Secure it with two short screws. The other screwholes stay empty.


[6] Mouse button screws


The head will push against the spring and fixate it.


[7] Insert sidebutton PCB

You will need a long screw and the dome screw.



[8] Secure it

Secure the PCB with the long screw as shown in the picture. Same with the dome screw.

[9] Battery contacts

After cutting them to size, insert them in their pockets.


[10] Add battery

Pay attention to the correct orientation. The micro USB port should be on the side with the hole.

[11] Add magnetic adapter

Using the magnetic charger helps with this.

[12] Result

That's what it should look like.


[13] Connect both PCBs

The orientation of the cable matters. There is only one correct way. Pay attention to the pins!

[14] Slide it on

Slide the bottom shell in the top shell as seen on the picture

[15] Correct screws

The short screw goes in the left hole, the long one in the right.


[16] Screw them all the way in

Test the side button, LMB and RMB. Also test if the mouse turns on and charges!

[17] Mouse feet

If it all works, finish by adding the mouse feet.


[18] Software

 If you want to use software to change the DPI, you can download Razer Synapse.



Enjoy gaming.



If there are any questions feel free to contact us.