P-CBR instructions

These instructions are for the P-CBR MOD-KIT.

 You can find OROCHI disassembly instructions here



[1a] Needed parts

After the disassembly, these are the only parts that you need. You won't need the torx screws! 



[1b] Needed parts - Screws


Screw types from left to right: Dome screw, short screws, long screws


[2] Needed Tools

You need a Phillips screwdriver (PH00).


[3] Add a power switch

Pay attention to it's orientation!


[4] Add the lens

Again, pay attention to the orientation. It has to sit tight so the design can be too tight and you need to file the lens holders a bit!


[5] Add the PCB

Secure it with two short screws. The other screwholes stay empty.


[6] Mouse button screws


The head will push against the spring and fixate it.


[7] Insert sidebutton PCB

You will need a long screw and the dome screw.



[8] Secure it

Secure the PCB with the long screw as shown in the picture. Same with the dome screw. If the top shell is too twisted, you can try screwing this screw only half-way in.

[9] Battery contacts

After cutting them to size, insert them in their pockets.


[10] Add battery

Pay attention to the correct orientation. The micro USB port should be on the side with the hole.

[11] Add magnetic adapter

Using the magnetic charger helps with this.

[12] Result

That's what it should look like.


[13] Connect both PCBs

The orientation of the cable matters. There is only one correct way. Pay attention to the pins!

[14] Slide it on

Slide the bottom shell in the top shell as seen on the picture

[15] Correct screws

The short screw goes in the left hole, the long one in the right.


[16] Screw them all the way in

Test the side button, LMB and RMB. Also test if the mouse turns on and charges!

[17] Mouse feet

If it all works, finish by adding the mouse feet.


[18] Software

 If you want to use software to change the DPI, you can download Razer Synapse.



Enjoy gaming.



If there are any questions feel free to contact us.