Mod kit instructions for the G703, G502 & EC2 Ultralight



See G603 assembly video instructions here.

 See G603 disassembly instructions here.




1) Materials needed: Logitech G603 parts, 2x printed shell parts, cable tie, micro USB rechargeable AAA battery


2) Remove the circled part


 3) Clip off the second battery spring since we only use one battery.


 4) Fasten the PCB


5) Fasten the scrollwheel holder.


6) Fasten the scrollwheel PCB.


7) Add the mouse button screws. Calibrate the mouse button pretravel to your preference.


8) Fasten the micro switches.


9) Fasten the side buttons


10) Use the screw with the small chip to fasten the sidebutton PCB.


11) Add the cable tie in the correct orientation.


12) Add the battery springs on the correct ends and insert the battery. Fasten the cable tie.


13) Connect the cables in the correct orientation.


14) Add the 4 bottom scews. They are the thicker ones.


15) Add any mouse feet you like.


16) We recommend adding a magnetic charging port. Google for "micro USB magnetic charger"


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