G603 kit instructions


 These instructions are for all Logitech G603 based mods.

 See G603 disassembly instructions here.




Parts required

Power switch, side buttons, scroll wheel, PCB for scroll wheel, PCB, scroll wheel holder, battery, battery adapter, battery springs, shell, USB, side button PCB and screws.




[1] Add power switch

[2] Add PCB



Add PCB, use 2 mid sized screws and 4 small sized screws. Make sure you can move the power switch.



[3] Add scrollwheel holder


Add a scrollwheel holder, use 4 small screws.

[4] Add scrollwheel to your mouse


Add a scrollwheel PCB and scrollwheel, use 3 small screws.

[5] Add side button PCB
[6] Add side buttons

Add side buttons with 2 small screws

[7a]Solder the battery springs
Don't pay attention to the cable colors. Only pay attention to the white plug to figure out which battery spring goes where!
Remove some of the insulation if necessary, cut the battery springs as shown on the picture, choose the correct small one and solder both to the cable.

  Soldering tutorials: Using Solder, Using FluxSoldering Wires to Wires

[7b] Add the small spring (black)...

 ...and fasten it using a small screw
[8] Add large battery spring (red)
[9] Add battery
[10] Add screws in the mouse buttons


Add mid sized screws in the mouse buttons as shown in the picture.

[11] Add sidebutton PCB using a plate screw
[12] Add left micro switch


Add left micro switch using 2 small sized screws.

[13] Add right micro switch


Add right micro switch using 2 small sized screws.

[14] Add magnetic adapter with charging cable
[15] Result
[16] Plug in battery cable. Front cable goes to small spring
[17] Add 4 large screws on the bottom
[18] Add 3 small screws on the bottom


[19] Add mouse feet

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