Have fun with the assembly and if you have any questions, feel free to write us at support@pmm.gg. Start with the DEATHADDER V3 PRO disassembly and come back here. You need the Torx T6 screwdriver for that.

What you need

Shell, PCB, Battery, Skates, 4 cross screws (from the PCB), cross screwdriver

Prepare the PCB

Add the battery to the PCB and connect it like on the picture. Add the side button PCB.

Prepare the Shell

Cut the stabilisers of the mouse buttons. Try to cut them as close to the shell as possible. If the stabilisers are already cut, you don't need to follow this step.

Place the Scroll Wheel

Place the mouse wheel in the right direction. Like the picture shows, the thicker side of the scroll wheel should be on the side of the right mouse button. If you have some silicone or grease at home, you can apply it on the scrollwheel pins that touch the holder.

Place the PCB

Adding the PCB is a bit challenging. Don't give up too easily! In the first step you place the PCB like in the picture. The side button PCB should already be half in it's holder.

Add the Side Button PCB

Place the side button PCB into the designated holder. Use your screwdriver to push the PCB down. Important: The PCB must be in the rail. Once it's pushed in far enough, it will lock in. In rare cases, there is some left-over printing powder in the rails: try removing it or contact support for further instructions.

Add the PCB

Push the PCB under the pin of the front-left mouse skate.

Add the PCB [Part II]

Push the scrollwheel holder towards the middle. A screwdriver helps here. Simultaneously, push the PCB under the mouse button.

Add the PCB [Part III]

Bend the mouse shell a little bit to put the PCB under the other mouse button. Don't worry, the shell is super durable!


Next, Push the scrollwheel pin in the encoder hole and adjust the position of the PCB to the shell.

Side Button PCB

If you have not done this step before you can now finalise pushing the side button PCB into the holder. Check the side buttons to see, if it is correctly in place.

Fasten the PCB screws

Once you feel resistance, stop screwing. It's possible that you destroy the thread if you keep turning. Make sure the PCB is not moving.

Almost done!

Use the ESP TIGER ICE Skates and place them in place. It's possible to use other skates. However, if they are too thick, adjust the LOD settings in Synapse.

Final check

Check if all four large mouse skates touch the ground. If that is not the case it is possible that the PCB or shell got slightly bent during the disassembly process. To fix this, it is possible to bend the mouse in to opposite direction as it's deformed. Repeat the process until all mouse skates are on the ground. If the scroll wheel feels too tight, contact our support team at support@pmm.gg

Have fun gaming!