These are the instructions for all PMM mice that have Logitech G603 internals.

  • Shell, Clips, Switches, HOT-SWAP, Instructions, Screwdriver, Skates, Charging cable, Magnetic adapter, battery, Replacement battery cable.

  • From the left to right: Bottom screws, side button screw, mid screws, switch screws [Save those for the end].

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  • Pay attention to the orientation!

  • Use 2 mid sized screws and 4 small sized screws. Make sure that the power switch is movable.

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  • Fasten the screws.

  • Add the red spring first, follow up with the black one, then fasten it using a small screw.

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[3] Add the battery

Pay attention to the +/- position.

  • Position the side buttons in their place.

  • Secure them using a plate screw.

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  • Add left micro switch.

  • Add right micro switch.

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  • Add scrollwheel holder and the scrollwheel.

  • Connect the battery cable and the side button film to the PCB.

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[7] Put the adapter in

Use the charging cable to push the magnetic adapter into the battery. It requires more force than expected!

  • Add 4 side screws

  • Add 4 top small screws

[9] Add mouse feet

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