Have fun with the assembly and if you have any questions, feel free to write us at Start with the VIPER V2 PRO disassembly and come back here.

Viper V2 Pro Disassembly

What you need

Shell, PCB, battery, Skates, 2 cross screws (from the PCB, can be black or silver), cross screwdriver

Prevent pre-travel

Bend the mouse buttons down.

Adding the PCB

Gently bend the shell to add the PCB to the marked points.

Combining PCB and shell

The PCB should align with the screw holes of the shell.

Fastening screws

While fastening the screws, push against the back of the shell with your fingers.

Add skates

Make sure to align the skates with the shell properly.

Final check

Check if all four mouse skates touch the ground. If that is not the case it is possible that the PCB got slightly bent during the disassembly process. To fix this problem you need to bend down the PCB in the corner where a mouse skate does not touch the desk. You can keep the mouse assembled during this step. Repeat the process until all mouse skates are on the ground. If the scroll wheel feels too tight contact our support team at