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Worldwide & tracked!

What's the "PRO" collection?

The "PRO" collection has an improved click system with a split-button-design along with a post-travel-calibration system.


Returns are possible within 14 days. No questions asked!

Tensioning system






Each battery solution has different ones. MOD-KITs come without internals. P-CBR 8K MOD-KIT only includes the shell!

  • CASE


  • KAILH 4.0




Made for an average sized hand. If you have a larger hand, you can also fingertip the claw grip shapes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Beyond my expectations

I ordered a P-SL S (solid) on sale on a whim and I am beyond glad I did. The building process was incredibly easy and actually fun! The material on the mouse feels grippy yet soft, there is no flex or creaking or any build issues. Clicks are crisp, it uses the same scroll wheel, sensor and side buttons as the g305 which are top notch. I couldn't be happier with my performance out of this mouse. It feels beyond good to have the starlight shape at such high quality and relatively low cost. I cannot recommend PMM enough.

A Masterpiece of a Mouse!

This mouse (P-SL S) has been my go-to for numerous months now. Its design exceeded my expectations the first time I got it. The mouse is very lightweight and it has a grippy texture, making it my dream mouse for competitive play. I cannot express how amazing the mouse is.

There was a mishap in the beginning as I am not an expert on mice, however the support were fantastic and tried to help me solve my problem. Due to my incompetence, the problem persisted, however PMM was kind enough to send a replacement and this one has had no problems whatsoever! The mouse gets a 10/10, and PMM gets a 10/10! If you're in need of a mouse, this is your last stop.

A really solid kit from PMM - P-GP S - 10% Smaller Superlight - Kyle Ireland Tech on YouTube

Honestly I feel like PMM Make some pretty solid gaming mice.
I own a Prebuilt and a Mod-kit.
Prebuilts ship out of Germany/EU Area and Mod-kits ship out of China Area.

I have a review on "Kyle Ireland Tech" over on YouTube with a break down of; features, issues, software and side by side mice comparisons.

The P-GP S - 10% Smaller Superlight / G Pro comes with everything you need and the instructions on PMM Mods website are really well put together.
I would maybe add some extra foot notes in some spots but other than that it is straight forward.

The print feels a bit grippy compared to regular mice, the 3D Print has a slight texture to it so it is a bit grippy.
Some may not like this but most should be fine.
It sits and fits comfortably into my hand.

Honestly everything fits together fine and there is no flex at all, very little if any.

A really well put together mod-kit which should be quite easy to put together if you take your time.
Nice in the hand.
You'll be very happy with it and the hotswap feature is really nice, you can purchase some of your favourite switches from PMM or elsewhere and pop them in.
My Final/Ultimate 10% Smaller G Pro has; Kailh GM 8.0 Switches at the moment and CryoMod Sapphire Skates.
At the time of my review you can pick up the same if not similar Skates from PMM under > Extras > Skates > P-SP1

Honestly if you have the budget go for a Prebuilt or Mod-kit as they are great.
My UL2/Starlight S Prebuilt has soldered Kailh GM 4.0 Red switches on the main clicks and the sides.
G305 Based Mod-kits are hotswap, prebuilts are soldered.

Prebuilts come with extras; A Carrying Case and some Grip Tape.

*Be careful with the spring battery wires as if you break them you will have to solder, you'll be fine if you go slow.
It comes with spare wires if you mess up and need to solder.

*If you get a mod-kit be sure to note that you may or most likely will have to make some holes a bit bigger with a screwdriver to fit the hot swap slots, they do note this in one point of the instructions.

wow, just wow!

I´ve bought the P-305 (Pre-Built) and needless to say; I am loving it! The print and overall quality is extremely good and everything worked great as soon as I took it out of the package. Everything is on point and the experience over the past days was just a dream.

I definitely recommend it!

Better quality than you might think, my new main

Got the pre-built XM1 after 3 weeks, the quality is really great and much better than expected. It's my new main now for sure, the grips that it comes with are great but not necessary because of the grippy surface texture. You can squeeze the sides a decent amount and flex mostly occurs near the front, unless you deathgrip your mouse, I can see this lasting as long as regular mice. The clicks are lighter than expected especially for Kailh 4.0 but it actually feels nice. The clicks are way better than I expected and I thought it would be the weakest part of the mouse.

I played well after my first game with it earlier today and performed well, it felt amazing and the skates are great. Might get a new modkit once they release a collection with no holes.

Definitely recommended.