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[ P - S P D ]

[ P - S P D ]

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Very Flexible and Light, substantially less annoying than the original cable the mouse came with

Good enough to get 2

My first P-SL s broke (I should have known better than to use an aftermarket magnetic charger) but after going a week with my old g pro superlight, I quickly realized I needed a replacement.

Its a viper mini wireless

Bought the elite collection viper mini with viper v2 pro internals solid.Its well built, and very light, except for a little side flex on primary button but nothing worrying,good side buttons but mediocre whell.Performance is really good.Just if you want 4k you will have to buy the razer hyperpolling dongle.Happy with the result.

Colin Smith
Viper Mini V2 internals (prebuilt solid shell)

Super light weight, snappy V2 sensor, good clicks and side buttons. The shape is just like a viper mini. I will say the 3d printed material has a strange feel I have not really seen before. Its semi soft with an lightly abrasive texture. It has a little give to it, but nothing that would be concerning unless you are death-gripping your mouse or trying to break it. The skates are nice. When i use this mouse I kind of forget I'm holding anything. Its a very nice feeling when gaming. Everything about this mouse is as advertised but I think my only concern would be the quality of the material. I know its not magnesium alloy or something fancy like that but it is a hefty price for something with this much squishiness. I understand this is really the price of getting ultra light weight, the material options are much more limited.

Also mouse aside it took a whole month to ship from Germany so if you do live in the U.S. this is something to consider. As for getting a viper mini SE alternative this is a nice, light weight option. TBH if the SE is in stock at retail price i would recommend that over this just because the price comes out to the same if you buy the dongle. I don't recommend buying SE from scalpers, at that point just buy one of these from PMM. Also it is an extra 20-30g lighter than the mini SE which is noticeable.

All that said, I still really like the mouse, I will not be returning it and it will be my new main.

Absolutely Fantastic

I ordered an elite PSL-L to have both a competitive mouse and a comfortable one and it absolutely fulfill everything i wanted, i'm really impressed by the quality