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MOD-KITS don't require soldering by the way!


Everyone is different.

Customer Reviews

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Great product and fast response to questions/inquiries if any help is needed during assembly which was straightforward. Shape feels 95% similar to the original. Main clicks are decent but of course zowie did it better, the pro version probably can rival in click feel. All in all, glad I decided to get one, 25g makes a very noticeable difference.

S2, G303, ZA12, and ZA13

I've purchase four PMM mice, since the prototype S2 I won in a bid war all the way to one of the later ZA13, every time I purchase one of his mice he seems to come out with upgrades every few months with tensioned clicks or improved magnetic charging system they have always gotten better in quality and design. Literally got called a cheater within a few hours of using the new P-ZA ST, this mouse is my dream shape come to life, the only improvement I've made is using larger skates to make it feel more zowie.

My only recommendation is to allow more options for which switches get used in the prebuilts, kailh 4.0 are a little stiffer than huanos I'm used to, they are crispy and feel good to use but I would prefer to use something faster.

The PMM Cyber is my fingertip grip dream!

there is nothing on the market that can compete with this fingertip grip dream, which is called pmm cyber, it has great shape , wireless with orochi internals, only 44 grams, charging is so easy and the battery lasts insanely long, so long that i never saw it empty i just ocasionally charge for 10-20 mins during the weeks. im d2 in league of legends and this mouse finally solved all my issues i had regading: comfort, performance, pain, i can play for 10 hours daily and i wont ever complain about anything regarding the mouse, back when i had a 60-80g mouse i had to take breaks, it was kinda exhausting for my fingers to move that much around, sometimes i had pain, it was uncomfy, nothing that this mouse doesnt solve, also pmm has insanely fast support and a very attentive:) even if you end up not liking the mouse, you can return in the first two weeks.

really excited for any future project from pmm and also how their pro version of the pmm cyber feels, but rn im good :)

Best mice, best support

Bought a P-MZ LT mod kit, the mouse has made a huge difference to my aiming and coming from 75g+ to sub 60 was a surprisingly noticeable and positive change. The mice are really sturdy for their weight and construction, and feel more solid than I was expecting. Have also received some fantastic service, both with the initial build and also solving an inconsistent issue with updated design. I was sent a new shell no questions asked FOC to fix this. A fantastic experience in both the products and the company.

Kaito Pacocha
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